Webinar on battery technologies and patents

On April 15th, the project will host the presentation of the EPO-IEA study “Innovation in batteries and electricity storage – a global analysis based on patent data”, followed by round table. The study is a global analysis of energy storage technologies based on the patents filed in the last 20 years and highlights the trends in terms of applications, materials, forthcoming technologies. We will host one of the authors and we will discuss the directions of the innovation in the field with main actors of battery research and technology.
Confirmed list of speakers: Dr. Z. Georgiou (EPO director), Dr. A. Aguadero (Imperial College), Dr. G. Gregori (EPO Patent examiner), Prof. A. Tarancón (IREC), Dr. P. Vereecken (IMEC), Dr. C. Villevieille (CNRS). Click here for the final program.