Heat and light for powering the Internet of Things

Harvestore is a new European project for the development of beyond-state-of-the-art technologies in the field of Internet of Things.
Our “μ-harvestorers” will be able to collect and store energy from heat and light at the same time, in order to serve a whole family of new-generation portable devices. They will be powerful, small, and environmental friendly.


Harvestore puts together some of the main actors of science and technology across Europe. Research, technology centers and advanced industries from 6 different countries have joined their efforts with the goal of opening-up a new technology paradigm in the world of IoT.

6 countries

11 research, technology and industrial centers

5 years

A detailed research and communication plan

At the edge of science and technology

Nanoioncs and Iontronics

With Harvestore, we will fabricate new artificial materials with superior performance. Fast electrical conduction and high charge storage capacity will be achieved by taking advantage of nanoscale engineering.

Silicon Integration

Advanced science and mainstream fabrication techniques will be bridged by the use of silicon technology. Silicon combines unique properties of manufacturability, abundance and low environmental impact.

Hear the latest

Our project coordinator and group leader @alberttarancon has been hosted today for an online seminar by @mpifkf. Very honored! @IREC_Energia @atlab15

A new PhD position in the framework of the HarveStore project is available at LMGP/SIMAP (Grenoble, France): “Optimization of high performance nano-architectured electrode/electrolyte bilayers for reversible Solid Oxide Cells”. @burriel_monica @CNRS https://harvestore.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/LMGP-SIMAP-PhD-thesis.pdf

Last date of the Harvestore European Spring Tour! We will be discussing about #energy systems and #harvesting together with @EpiStore_eu and @Cambridge_Uni. Don't miss the chance, get your ticket now! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/harvestore-cam-ies-joint-workshop-tickets-146341973783

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PhD thesis offer at LMGP Grenoble

A new PhD position under the supervision of Dr. Mónica Burriel and Dr. David Jauffres in the framework of the HarveStore project is available at LMGP/SIMAP (Grenoble, France): "Optimization of high performance nano-architectured electrode/electrolyte bilayers for reversible Solid Oxide Cells". More info: download.

Webinar on battery technologies and patents

On April 15th, the project will host the presentation of the EPO-IEA study "Innovation in batteries and electricity storage – a global analysis based on patent data", followed by round table. The study is a global analysis of energy storage technologies based on the patents filed in the last 20 years and highlights the trends in terms of applications, materials, forthcoming technologies. We will host one of the authors and we will discuss the directions of the innovation in the field with main actors of battery research and technology.
Confirmed list of speakers: Dr. Z. Georgiou (EPO director), Dr. A. Aguadero (Imperial College), Dr. G. Gregori (EPO Patent examiner), Prof. A. Tarancón (IREC), Dr. P. Vereecken (IMEC), Dr. C. Villevieille (CNRS). Click here for the final program.

Power of Interfaces workshop

Registration is open for the 2021 project workshop!

The JSPS core to core network SOIFIT (Solid Oxide Interfaces for Faster ion Transport) and the EU project HARVESTORE invite you to join an online workshop on April 21st, 2021.
These two international consortia are concerned with the common goal of gaining a deeper understanding of materials and their interfaces for ionic devices. Last year we held a very successful joint meeting “The Power of Interfaces” at the Royal Society in London, where we managed to host almost 70 participants. This year, we have decided to hold a virtual workshop, which will consist of four sessions covering new materials, nanoionics, interface techniques, iontronics. To start each session we have an invited speaker, followed by contributed talks.

Poster of the event and registration: here.

List of confirmed invited speakers:
• Dr. Marine Reynaud (CIC Energigune): “Design of new materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries”
• Prof. Atonino Martorana (University of Palermo): “Electrode-electrolyte interfaces in protonic ceramic fuel cells: materials and perspectives”
• Prof. Tatsumi Ishihara (Kyushu University): “Strain effects on electronic band structure of SrTiO3 and photocatalytic water splitting activity”
• Dr. Francesco Chiabrera (IREC-DTU): “In situ spectroscopy ellipsometry for studying the defect chemistry of oxide thin films”.

Join us for a full day on the Power of Interface!