Heat and light for powering the Internet of Things

Harvestore is a new European project for the development of beyond-state-of-the-art technologies in the field of Internet of Things.
Our “μ-harvestorers” will be able to collect and store energy from heat and light at the same time, in order to serve a whole family of new-generation portable devices. They will be powerful, small, and environmental friendly.


Harvestore puts together some of the main actors of science and technology across Europe. Research, technology centers and advanced industries from 6 different countries have joined their efforts with the goal of opening-up a new technology paradigm in the world of IoT.

6 countries

11 research, technology and industrial centers

5 years

A detailed research and communication plan

At the edge of science and technology

Nanoioncs and Iontronics

With Harvestore, we will fabricate new artificial materials with superior performance. Fast electrical conduction and high charge storage capacity will be achieved by taking advantage of nanoscale engineering.

Silicon Integration

Advanced science and mainstream fabrication techniques will be bridged by the use of silicon technology. Silicon combines unique properties of manufacturability, abundance and low environmental impact.

Hear the latest

What if we told you that we can harvest #energy for our #iot? Watch our exclusive interview with Federico Baiutti from @harvestoreEU to know more about his #FET_eu project.

➡️ http://www.futuretechweek.fetfx.eu

#EICFTW #EICPathfinder

It´s the #FutureTechWeek! We prepared an interview for talking about our project and our vision on #EnergyTransition and #IoT...Do you think that ceramic materials are boring? Well, here is how we'll change your mind 😀#EICFTW @EU_ENV @EUClimateAction

Upcoming outreach event for the project...Our team member @JuandeSirvent will showcase our results at the PhD student meeting in @UABBarcelona this Friday. See you (virtually) there! #EICFTW (haven't used gifs in a while, so...)

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PhD position at LMGP/LEPMI Grenoble

Interested in being part of Harvestore? The Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory (LMGP) and the Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces (LEPMI) in Grenoble offer a PhD project on design and characterization of advances energy materials for micro-cell applications. Check this out!

Joint project Harvestore-GoNano

The project has built up a collaboration with an ongoing H2020 project on Governing Nanotechnologies Through Societal Engagement “GoNano” (http://gonano-project.eu/) with an aim to identify potential flaws/untapped markets and opportunities. Particularly, the collaboration enables project co-creation between citizens, researchers, industry, civil society organisations, and policy makers across Europe to align future nanotechnologies with societal needs and concerns.  On October 30th, a joint workshop between the two projects has been organized at IREC, with the participation of several partners from Harvestore (IREC, ICL) and of professionals in the field as potential stakeholders.