• Harvestore repository for open data, article preprints and presentatons is online on Zenodo.

  • Click here to download the project flyer with a brief introduction on our ideas and on our goals.

  • “Nanoionics: ion transport and electrochemical storage in confined systems” – a reference paper on Nature Materials.

  • The first ever reported full-ceramic microSOFC was developed by IREC in 2014. Here is the link to the original research paper (open access article).

  • A review on Iontronics, recently published on Advanced Materials.

  • The last tendencies on mass transport engineering in oxide thin films have been summarized in a review paper published by the Journal of the European Ceramic Society (open access article).

  • From a collaboration between IREC and the University of Cambridge (Dept. of Materials Science & Metallurgy), a review paper on nanostructured oxide thin films for energy application, published by Advanced Materials Interfaces.

  • A pivotal example of energy harvesting via oxide nanostructures: A High-Temperature Solid Oxide Photoelectrochemical Cell as developed by one of the project partners at TU Vienna in 2015.

  • A review article by the project coordinator Albert Tarancon (IREC), who comments on the potential of CMOS technology and thermoelectric-based microdevices for powering next-generation IoT nodes, published by Nature Electronics.