April-May webinars

A series of events have been organized by the consortium.

  • April 21st Power of Interfaces workshop, co-organized together with JSPS core to core network SOIFIT (Solid Oxide Interfaces for Faster ion Transport). Following last year’s joint meeting “The Power of Interfaces” at the Royal Society in London, where we managed to host almost 70 participants, this year the workshop will take place virtually. It will consist of four sessions covering new materials, nanoionics, interface techniques, iontronics. Registration link: here.
  • April 15th EPO webinar. The European Patent Office has recently released a global analysis related to energy storage technologies (especially batteries) based on the patents filed in the last 20 years, highlighting the trends in terms of applications, materials, forthcoming technologies: link to the study here. We will host Dr. Giuliano Gregori, one of the authors of the study, together with the director of EPO, for a presentation of the work followed by a round table of discussion which will involve group leaders from different European research groups in the battery field. Registration link: here.