PoI22 meeting

The European projects HarveStore and EpiStore, together with the JSPS core to core network SOIFIT (Solid Oxide Interfaces for Faster ion Transport) announce the 3rd edition of the “Power of Interfaces” workshop, which will take place on October 6th-7th, 2022.

Following the last two successful meetings, where we hosted over 200 participants, this years’ workshop will be back as an in-person event at the Caixa Forum of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) where we will discuss the latest advances in:

  • New materials for energy
  • Nanoscale transport phenomena
  • Solid-state devices for energy storage and conversion
  • Interface, in-operando and in-situ techniques
  • Micro and nanotechnologies for energy devices

The workshop will comprise of invited and contributed talks.

The event will be preceded by an international summer school covering aspects of fundamentals of oxide chemistry, ion transport, electrochemical devices and advanced characterization techniques. The school will take place on October 5th in the same venue and will be co-organized by HarveStore and EpiStore.

Confirmed invited speakers and lecturers

Download the detailed program: here

PoI school, October 5th

  • Ainara Aguadero (CSIC, Madrid): “Fundamentals of defect chemistry in ionic materials”
  • Stephen Skinner (Imperial College, London): “Bulk ion transport kinetics”
  • Juergen Fleig (TU, Vienna): “Thermodynamics and kinetics of solid oxide cells”
  • Miguel Laguna (INMA, Zaragoza): “Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers technology”
  • Louis de Taeye (IMEC, Leuven): “Fundamentals of solid state batteries”
  • John Kilner (Imperial College, London): “Ion beam techniques”
  • Dino Klotz (Zurich Instruments, Zurich): “Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for Electroceramics Materials and Systems”
  • Alexander Chroneos (University of Thessaly): “Fundamentals of material modelling and simulations”

PoI workshop, October 6th-7th

  • Sossina Haile (Northwestern University), “Proton Transfer Kinetics at Interfaces with the Superprotonic Electrolyte CsH2PO4″
  • Nicola Perry (University of Illinois), “Shining light on defect kinetics in mixed conducting oxide thin films”
  • Judith Driscoll (University of Cambridge): “Using vertically aligned nanocomposites thin film oxides in electrochemical devices”
  • John Irvine (St. Andrews University): “Nanoengineering of Electrochemical interfaces”
  • Alexander Opitz (TU, Vienna): “Geometrically well-defined model systems as a powerful tool for a deeper understanding of electrochemical elementary processes in solid oxide cell research”
  • Hiroshige Matsumoto (Kyushu University): “Insertion of electron-blocking layer at steam/air electrode for suppression of electronic leakage in proton-conductor cells”
  • Monica Burriel (CNRS, Grenoble): “Original in situ Raman spectroscopy approaches to characterise solid oxide cell electrodes and electrolytes”
  • Miguel Laguna (INMA, Zaragoza): “Novel architecture designs for solid state energy devices by laser machining”
  • Aleksandar Staykov (I2CNER, Kyushu): “Oxygen activation and dissociation on transition metal free complex oxide surfaces. Insights from the theory”
  • Dino Klotz (Zurich Instruments, Zurich), “Grain Boundaries under Light – What is happening?”
  • Miriam Botros (KIT, Karlsruhe): “High-Entropy materials for energy applications”
  • Magda Titirici (Imperial College, London): “Beyond Li-ion batteries: performance, materials diversification, and sustainability”

Practical information: download

Contact: atlab@irec.cat