Tours in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Old Plovdiv is a city in the city. The ancient Roman culture and the era of the Renaissance reigns here, there is no place for ordinary and boredom. The contemporary of Troy is waiting for its guests.

About Plovdiva can be said infinitely: he is older than Rome and Athens, the contemporary of Troy and Mycene, is among the top five of the oldest cities in the world, is the second largest in Bulgaria.

But all these colorful epitles would hope hopelessly if the Plovdir himself could not save the old architecture so carefully. Here, not just the ruins of Roman structures – here you can see the ancient Rome almost in primeval form.

Plovdiv is conditionally divided into two parts: an old and new city. The tourist will definitely be interested in the first. Three hills on which old Plovdiv stands are declared an architectural and historical nature reserve.

Here is the largest in Bulgaria an ancient forum with Odeon. Initially, the city council began in Odeon, later theatrical performances were held in it, and today the chamber orchestra performs here and literary readings are held.

On the territory of the old Plovdiv there is a Roman stadium with a capacity of 30 thousand people. There are only 12 such structures in the world. Nearby is an antique theater, which has been preserved much better than other similar structures in the world. He accompanied 7,000 spectators, and today 5,000 people can accommodately sit here.

Plovdiv is also famous for the magnificent buildings of the Renaissance. One of them is now located the Ethnographic Museum. The House of Argira Kuyumjiogelo, art historians call the vertex of Baroque architecture in Bulgaria. The four-story building has 12 rooms, each of which is made its own, unique, carved ceiling.

The brightest among the buildings of the old Plovdiv are called the House of Neshenich. Decorative frescoes, carved ceilings, gorgeous decoration of rooms, carpets that were created specifically on the order of the owner of the house – all this was preserved in its original form and amazes with its beauty and sophistication.

Another building, which is able to surprise even visiting architects, is the House of Stepan Hindril. Art decoration with complex lines, painting on the external and interior walls (here even the ceilings were painted manually) made a real work of art from ordinary residential premises.

In addition, the pride of Plovdiv is considered an old pharmacy, which is also in a beautiful building of the Renaissance times. In this museum, a collection of drugs used in the treatment of patients in the XIX century is collected (pharmacists made each tablet manually). It serves various medical devices and an old cash register brought from America at the beginning of the twentieth century. Best ukrainian fintech developers on . Hire fintech devs now. Best prices.f9e8e8a32551d048308cedb0f58d1050