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AIRBUS: A European joint project

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AIRBUS is one of the best-known aircraft manufacturers and a European joint project. However, the company is not exclusively active in the civil and military aviation sector. A subdivision of the company deals with the space sector. Known as EADS until 2013, the group is the result of a merger between Germany’s DASA, France’s Aérospatiale-Matra and Spain’s CASA. AIRBUS Defence and Space deals with space.

This subdivision of the group includes among others:

  • Satellite technology
  • Orbital systems
  • Launchers. 

The latter division works at its core on the development of launcher systems such as the Ariane 6. Operationally, the ArianeGroup is responsible for this division of AIRBUS SE, which is a joint venture between AIRBUS and Safran.

Thales Group: Space technology from France

Thales is a company created in 2000, whose business areas are in:

  • Armament
  • Aeronautics
  • Space 

The roots of the company lie in the merger of the defence divisions of Alcatel, Dassault Électronique and Thomson CSF. Through takeovers, the Thales Group that exists today was created, which plays a role primarily in the development and production of space components and satellite technology.

Among other things, the company’s product catalogue includes travelling wave tubes and HEMP propulsion systems. Thales developed the latter for the German Aerospace Centre. The share is currently trading in exness login in a difficult environment. Over a five-year period, the share price has risen by around 10 per cent, but is still far from its all-time high of more than 120 euros in mid-2018.

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Siemens: solutions for the space industry

Siemens is one of Germany’s largest conglomerates and now focuses not only on its former core businesses. In the meantime, the group also covers business areas in the space segment – as part of the PLM group. Space travel is only a small part of the company’s activities.

Siemens also works here for the aerospace and defence industries and can also boast the subsidiary Siemens Energy. Core aspects of the company’s activities include software development as well as data management or supply chain control. In the aerospace sector, the company is also involved in the development and manufacture of propulsion technology.

Siemens is an example of how complex the involvement of large corporations in the tech segment in the aerospace industry has become. The development of subsystems in particular is now a project on which many companies are working together. Among others, there are interfaces between Siemens and the Thales Group in this context.