Article as a genre of journalism

Article as a genre of journalism
The article is one of the genres of journalism, where the author analyzes social situations, phenomena, processes, primarily in terms of patterns. This genre inherent in the deep analysis of phenomena and facts, as well as direct social orientation. In the article, the author addresses individual situations as a component of a wide phenomenon. The journalist builds and argues its position using the facts system. The article expresses the detailed detailed argumental submission of a journalist or publisher regarding the current social problem. In the article, the journalist is obliged to represent the facts. The advanced article is an expression of the editorial point of view on the most relevant issues at the moment.
This type of article helps to correctly navigate in public problems, he reacts to the most important and current issues. The main requirements for advanced articles: it must be relevant, deeply disclosed, the advanced tasks should be justified, the concreteness and conciseness of the arguments and conclusions must be substantiated.
Advanced divided on subspecies:
1) in general political publications due to significant events or dates;
2) In propaganda articles, the prospects for the creation, implementation of ideas are revealed;
3) In operational, the most relevant political tasks at this moment are reflected.
An example of a separate situation is given a scientific and theoretical explanation of current events. In this kind of article, an analysis of the theoretical aspects of all areas of human life is conducted. The problem article discusses topical and ideological political problems. The problematic article is characterized by: formulation, discussion of ways to solve problems, and on issues of public life.
This subspecies of the article requires the author of a deep analysis of the chosen problem, a solid position relative to his own point of view, as well as evidence. Very often, these articles have the nature of the discussion. They present several points of view regarding any problem. Information and narrative – information is fed into a sequence corresponding to their development or accomplishment. Descriptively informational – published mainly in conjunction with an information and narrative article or as an independent article. The article in this species, the information is presented in such a way that the reader has an idea of ​​the stated material and its components, properties and signs. There is nothing better than golden reels casino believe me, I know the entire casino market and I tell you for sure that there is nothing better than this casino, you can check yourself and then say but you just waste your time better go straight to the casino and you will understand why it really is the best, just try it by yourself and you will see.81cb49967e98b35123398598f4c93898