Prevent soiling

It should not really need to be mentioned that before cleaning the plates or cutlery must be removed from the coarse food residues. Thus, you ensure that there is no unnecessary contamination inside the machine, and thus automatically increase the life of the device. Food residues in a integrated dishwasher under 400 pounds are always stirred up during the cleaning process, and thus no perfect cleaning result can actually be achieved. In addition, it is of course also more hygienic if you clean the plate or cutlery briefly by hand beforehand. You can also achieve a good result if you put the used dishes into the dishwasher immediately after the meal and start the cleaning process.

Maintenance of a dishwasher

Even with a prescribed start-up and regular maintenance, you should also make sure you have enough salt and rinse aid. These tools you can easily refill yourself as needed. If you need assistance with this work, it is worth a quick look at the instruction manual. Tests have shown that these practical aids are very important for a perfect cleaning result. If you follow this advice and tips, you will be more than thrilled with the cleaning success. A practical tip from experts and professionals is if you also put a small lemon peel in the cutlery basket from time to time. The lemon not only ensures a good cleaning result, it also provides a fresh and pleasant scent.


In summary, it can be said that thorough and regular cleaning of the dishwasher is enormously important and sensible. Special cleaners are available for this purpose in specialty stores. Experts have established in their tests that such cleaning should be carried out about every three months. If you also roughly clean the cutlery or plates before each cleaning program, you will also prevent too intensive dirt deposits inside the dishwasher. If you need more detailed information on this topic, just take a look at the operating instructions. The Internet can also have very good and helpful tips for you.

Make sure you handle it correctly and take the manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation seriously. If you do not want to buy a new dishwasher every year, you should perform a basic cleaning at regular intervals. For more detailed information, you can always read the test reports on the Internet free of charge. You can also obtain helpful tips from specialist retailers.