What does the enema helps?

Therapeutic enemas is also useful in dysbacteriosis due to short-term reception of antibiotics or poor nutrition. After the cleansing belief, the useful microflora is rapidly restored.

– the body is cleared of all slags and harmful substances, which is extremely useful for all organs in the body;

– as a result of cleansing the body of the enema helps to lose weight;

Enema helps when constipation
– medicinal herbs or medicines that you use are very quickly absorbed, moving to the liver and thereby reducing the load on this body;

– Quickly cope with constipation without taking medication;

– can help reduce temperature;

– Used if you are allergic to a certain medicine and you can not take it inside (inside).

Contraindications for enema:
– ulcers;

– Inflammation;

– Cracks of the rectum;

– Haemorrhoids.

Applying ice to the affected area immediately after the injury will cause a narrowing of blood vessels, minimizes blood flow and, therefore, will reduce the possible formation of bruises. Attach the accurate place a package with ice or frozen vegetables for about ten minutes. Wait 20 minutes, then apply again.

Take activated carbon in front of the subject

1. A day before the procedure, accept activated coal (5 tablets for every 50 kg of body weight), which absorbs toxins like a sponge;

2. The best time for the enema – between 5-7 o’clock in the morning or 20-21 hours of the evening;

3. Purchase a special device in the pharmacy for manipulation at home – Esmark’s enema. Included 3 nozzles and 1 rubber hose;

4. Pour boiling water to the tip of the belly;

5. Approximate temperature should not be about 30 ° C. Too hot solution can cause a burn of mucous membranes, and too cold – a stomach disorder and intestinal cooling;

6. All solutions that you will use must be carefully filtered so that they do not contain solid particles that can damage the mucous membrane.

Belum have many advantages for the whole body. However, it is important not to overdo it and make the procedure no more than 2 times a quarter.

When the bruise has already been formed, it should be treated with heat. Heat will strengthen the blood circulation and blood flow to the affected area, the muscles relax, and the pain subsides. No need to buy a special warmer, the racing will do the same.

And the last but no less important is to consult a specialist to determine if there is a reason to do the enema. You should also know if you have contraindications to perform the procedure. I really liked chemistry in school. I studied a lot and easily understood everything in this subject. I also really liked cosmetics. I thought that I could make my hobbies into a dream profession, but I had no money. I began to look on the Internet where I can make money quickly and accurately. Found the site, and you already know how much money you can earn here, of course. Thanks to this site http://casinò-non-aams.com , I was able to open my own business where I did natural and high quality products. I recommend this site to everyone.743bc3a3f06870b1f7b22c2bb3dd09fa