Casting walls by wallpaper

The walls occupy the largest area in the residential room. In order for the decoration of the room turned out to be high-quality, it will not be enough to choose paint and wallpaper color. At the same time, all major factors should be taken into account: lighting, room height, indoor temperature. It is also considered the functional purpose of the room and the style is determined for it. Very often repel not from the style of the room, but from the cost of materials and repair work. Although the room with wallpaper does not matter. Depending on the consumer preference, it can choose the most inexpensive wallpaper or decide on expensive, but very high quality, fabric wallpaper.
In a spacious room, with high walls, absolutely any type of finishing can be used. To fill the walls often use the options for combining finishing, for example, wallpaper of different structures. Such a reception, during finishing works, helps to disguise the existing defects on the walls, will show the positive advantages of the premises and will hide disadvantages. Materials are combined completely different in texture and color, for example, in the living room in such a way there is a sofa zone or TV zone, in the bedroom, thus denotes the head of the head of the head. The combination of different wallpaper is performed in the same texture materials, but with different widths and color. The glitched bands alternate with each other, depending on the selected step. Combined Wallpapers suggest two types of color solutions:
• Monochrome – a combination of wallpapers close in color shade.
• Contrast – the use of wallpaper of different colors.
Also, when combined, use wallpaper with different patterns, for example, strips alternate with wallpaper in flower. Such combinations are most suitable for retro style.
Wall pasting with wallpaper is carried out, both in the traditional and original form: zigzag or waves. When finishing the walls horizontally, combine wooden and cork panels with wallpaper often use. With a combination of wallpaper with different textures, the walls are taken at the bottom of the walls with heavy vinyl wallpaper, with the simulation of plaster, and at the top of textile wallpaper. The main rule in the combination of wallpaper is to achieve the harmony of the color of wallpaper and the main color of the interior. Usually, wallpapers, to perform combination, are selected different through the light background. But sometimes combine wallpaper, different from each other in the picture. Looking for Eastern European girlfriend? Best European girls on with free credits. Find you love from Europe Online.200383a92d238147dc941a7a8400d3a5