Folk remedies for mosquito bite

Summer is undoubtedly the most favorite season, for many adults and children. After all, when, how not in the summer we can greatly relax in the forest, on the sea, by the river. The only lack of summer holidays in nature may become annoying mosquitoes. In essence, the bits of mosquitoes do not bear danger to life, but they can deliver a lot of trouble, especially if infection falls in the rink.

Mosquitoes drink blood to bring offspring – this is a well-known fact. They do it only females, it significantly increases the number of eggs. People with good health and young children are often falling into the risk zone – they have a pleasant smell and gentle skin. So if you have become a victim of mosquitoes – do not be sad, then you are healthy. It is worth only to think about how to neutralize mosquitoes.

The fact is that the mosquito saliva is very toxic, especially for the children’s body. At the site of the bite immediately arise large, itchy blisters, which children are literally tearing up to the blood.

To facilitate this condition, you should remember the folk remedies in the bite of mosquitoes:

– rinse the place of bite flowing water with soap
– Make a march of gauze in soda solution (1ч.
– Lubricate the bites in the green
– Lubricate bites lemon juice
– gauze compress from a weak mortar solution
– Well remove swelling from mosquito bite leaves of plantain, cherry or mint
– can be applied to the bite onions or a napkin with its juice
– A piece of ice attached to the place of bite, also well remove swelling and itching.

As you can see, folk methods in the bite of mosquitoes are very simple and varied. Going to nature, think about safety in advance. Currently, in pharmacies, you can purchase various means from mosquito bites, such as phenyatil gel.

Also, it is worth taking all measures to minimize the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Do not wear dark clothes – it only attracts mosquitoes. Going for a walk with children, close all the body areas as much as possible. Try to avoid swampy terrain, especially in the evening. It is well scared the mosquitoes essential oils – cloves, eucalyptus, the smell of vanillina.

Sharp flavors of herbs – mint, lavender. Gerani is also able to neutralize mosquitoes, not allowing them to come close to you.

If you stopped in the forest, on a hub or in tents, do not forget to close the windows and doors, and turn off the light inside the room, otherwise the sleepless night will be guaranteed.

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