Know the Basics About a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer by principle operates its washing capability through pressurized water. The high pressure of the machine of 100 percent allows dirt and grime to be washed away through a water washer. Water washers are commonly used in commercial establishments as their main industrial pressure washers. On the other hand, they can also be applied in doing household activities. What makes them more appealing to customers is that water washers are very affordable and user-friendly. In fact, their prices can start at $200 to $500 per unit. This depends of course on the water pressure of the water washer.

From electric, hydraulic, electric, diesel-based and the gasoline-powered water washers, they all have a common denominator – superb cleaning capabilities.

How Does a Water Washer Work?

A water washer falls under two classifications, the hot and cold water washer. For an electric or gasoline powered water washer, the water that comes out of a garden hose is a strong steam due to their types of engines that are attached to the pressure washer motor and pump. The pump compresses the water and thereby, building the pump pressure. On the other hand, the pressure washer hose has a trigger that functions of spraying water, in either a short or continuous flow or burst. Further, the water of the washer can also be adjusted according to your desired purpose.

A water washer can be used on wood, concrete, residential or commercial purposes. On the other hand, a water washer that is gasoline- based operates between five and seven hp or horsepower. Thus, they are more powerful than the electric kinds of water washer. As far as their cleaning preference, an electric water washer prefers to do light cleaning jobs. In selecting a water washer to buy, determine its psi rating first. A psi refers to the rate of water pressure. To explain, the higher is the psi rating, the more effective and efficient is your water washer.

Things to Consider when Buying a Water Washer

Also, kindly consider the GPM rate of your water washer. The GPM rate of a water washer indicates more pressure and greater power. In addition, a water washer is designed ergonomically for easy handling and convenient operation.

In general, if you have already decided to purchase a water washer, kindly consider the following areas of concern. Cleaning difficulty, cost, efficiency and frequency of usage of a water washer.