What fire extinguisher for home to choose?

The best fire extinguisher for the house is one that effectively puts off the fire.

What to pay attention to when choosing a fire extinguisher for home?
Type of fire extinguisher
Choose a foam fire extinguisher instead of powder.
The foam fire extinguisher effectively carves materials located in the house, such as linen, wood, upholstery, carpets, curtains. The fire extinguisher with the "F" rating is especially useful for extinguishing a fire in the kitchen, including the potential fire of products baked in the oven.
Fire extinguisher power
The greater the power of the fire extinguisher, the better. But if you have a large area and several rooms or floors, you should have several fire extinguishers in different easily accessible places. For a kitchen type "F", I recommend the 2-liter GW-2X ABF fire extinguisher. 6 liters GW-6XAB fire extinguisher will be a good protection for premises such as boiler room, attic, living room.
Price for fire extinguisher.
Choose not the cheapest, and the best. You buy fire extinguishers every 20 years or for use.
Do not worry about the cost of service. Currently, fire extinguishers are legalized for 20 years. And cyclic checks concern only public objects. Ideally, the GW-3ABF fire extinguisher or minimally for each kitchen, fireplace, spray grill for fire extinguishing 750 ml ABFG
Why not use a powder fire extinguisher?

Powder can damage electronic circuits, cause panic, make it difficult to evacuate and entail large cleaning costs. The fire extinguishing agent in powder fire extinguishers is a kind of phosphoric salt. When spraying in the air, it reaches eyes, lungs, electronics and each gap: joints, books, TVs, curtains, upholstery carpets, etc.

What to do to locate the fire?
Avoid using open fire (cigarette, gas, fireplace),
Check the state of the electricians regularly: power supplies, sockets, extension cores,
Do not leave the battery charge at night: Charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop,
do not hide a mobile phone under the pillow, blanket, etc.,
Do not use the Christmas tree in dried (readable) condition. Together with lamps and power supply, this is an excellent extract. It can cause fire from the spark and in 30 seconds to burn apartment – watch the videos of Christmas Fire,
Organize and plan home and family security rules. Spend the imitation of evacuation in the form of entertainment together with the family.
Finally, what everyone’s avoiding and what is most important.
Smoke detectors in each room. Only such a solution will wake us up at night during the first fire. We do not hear fire when we sleep, we cannot respond. Chad and other toxins in smoke paralyzing the nervous system. Even if we wake up, we will not be able to get out of bed. If you think it does not apply to you, then you think the same way as those who have already died, but not in the car accident, but in their own bed.
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