How to make a forerunner?

When we become parents and a little creature appears in our life, all our world turns upside down, and everything starts to rotate around it. Our daily life is filled with concerns and anxieties associated with an innocent creature, and we constantly enjoy the excellent moments and exciting emotions arising from its physical and moral growth.

The walk is undoubtedly one of the most emotional moments of the physical development of any child. This is a real holiday that brings parents and close relatives a sense of joy, excitement and deep pride. Each child develops individually, but in most cases walking occurs in about its year – for a month or two before or a few months after its completion.

According to the ancient Bulgarian tradition, this important event should be noted by a special ritual called Pastapup (in different parts of Bulgaria, it can be found as a pointer, last parameter.>, Crime, transition and misconduct), the essence of which is to predict the future profession of the child.

The forerunner is not performed immediately after the first steps of the child, but you have to wait a few weeks, maybe a month until it starts to walk on my own, without help. According to the church, suitable days for the ritual – Monday, Wednesday or Sunday.

The tradition says that the day is a prostitute cake. It is best to make a child’s mother, but if she does not have the opportunity, she can ask him a woman with living parents to cancel him or, as a last resort, buy already ready. Bread for a prostitute can be decorated differently depending on the imagination of the one who prepares it – with children’s steps, fruit, sun, flowers, even you can write the name of the child.

Toddler mother puts on the ground. White fabric, tablecloth or sheet. Recently, many sites offer the manufacture of special crafts with the name and date of the child, so if you wish, you can order this that will remain in memory.

At the end of the canvas on the table, a chair, a sofa or other furniture (it is important that the place is low, the little one can reach him) there are various objects predestined in advance what profession they predict. .

It is important that they are not familiar to the child, were not too big or with very bright colors, because it is intuitively preferred to such an item. Their quantity should not be exaggerated.

After the guests are going, mom in a hurry brings a cake, so that the baby is cheerful and playful. Then she rolls the ritual bread on the white canvas and offers the baby to follow the cake to get to the items.

According to the orders, whatever object he caught, no one helped him and prevented him, it will be his profession when he grows. The first piece of cake is given to the child, and then every guest is blends from it.

It is recommended to hold a prostitute in a familiar setting and in a circle of familiar people in order not to upset and not worry a child from unauthorized persons. If you thought that weight problems can’t touch you, then you are wrong, this can touch anybody, pregnancy, stress, eating too much, all these things can drive you to extra pounds. So, if you will face these problems this can totally help you . Here you’ll find the medicine that will help you to lose weight when you will need.c49a4e3aef2690606d3b46d31d395324