How to choose a female belt

We owe the appearance of a belt to residents of ancient Egypt, but in those days they used the usual rope. Of course, it was not immediately the detail of the clothes. Pretty attention was paid to the belt only in the Middle Ages. Richly decorated with precious stones, he became a real accessory available only to aristocrats.

To date, manufacturers offer a huge variety of belts, from which anyone can choose exactly what it suits him.

In the female wardrobe, unlike male, the belt plays the last role. After all, with the help of it you can emphasize the beauty of the figure, competently allocate accents and complete the image. In this case, the functionality is not important, the appearance and design is important.

But how to choose the belt know not all. It turns out that there are some subtleties in the process of its choice.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of shape:
• Figure of the type "apple". The lower part of the body is less than the top, and extra kilograms will be added on the stomach and back. The waist is emphasized with a small concise belt, and the outfit is not too tight. It will also not be superfluous to focus on the neckline using beads, chains or necklace.
• Figure of type "Pear". Flat belly, well-dedicated waist and shoulders already than hips. In this case, it is not worth using belts, as they immediately emphasize the lower body.
• Figure "Hourglass". The outlined waist and the same proportions of the upper and lower part. For such a shape belt – the main accessory. He perfectly emphasizes beautiful forms.
• Figure of type "Rectangle". The same width of the hips, waist and shoulders. Here the emphasis is best done on the hips with a massive belt.
• Figure type "Wedge". The thighs and waist are narrow, and the chest and shoulders are wide. To a belt on the waist not to emphasize the difference between the top and bottom of the figure, should use straps chains. They need to wear below the waist level.

Now let’s stop on the quality of the belt. It must be flawless, as even an exclusive designer thing will look like a cheap belt very attractive. Very often skirts and trousers sell with the belt and, as a rule, they are made of artificial leather. In this case, it is best to replace it or completely remove.

To date, modern designers offer a huge variety of belts: massive and thin, leather and textile, matte, shiny, with rivets and unusual locking locks.

The color of the belts includes all possible shades, and a different design of buckles and finishes will satisfy the most demanding fashionistas. The main thing in choosing this accessory taste and desire, but you should not forget about moderation too. Custom cakes to order on Tort Expert around the world!14f14b941f0c0ce113ecb55a7b90e0d2