How to measure blood sugar level

Thus, a number of complications and the health of states such as a hypoglycemic coma can be avoided. You can do this in two ways: in the laboratory or at home. Of course, if you need to regularly measure the level of sugar, then it is important to buy a special device for this.
It is called a glucometer, and you can easily use it even at home. Special test stripes are also needed and a crossing device, and most often everything comes in the kit.
First of all, the monitoring of sugar is of great importance for information about your condition, as well as the correctness of treatment. This monitors the results achieved, but may also understand the indirect causes that have a direct impact on the level of glucose.
With the help of regular measurements of blood sugar, you can even determine the high or low level of blood sugar. Measuring methods in the laboratory can be different, but at home this is done using a special portable device – a glucometter. It uses special test strips that change each time.
Blood sugar content
So, first wipe the nameless finger of the left hand with ethyl alcohol 70 ° C. Then remove the test strip, but be careful not to touch the controls themselves in any way. Then insert the tape into the device in the direction indicated by the manufacturer, but be careful because it is important. Take the enclosure, and adjust the depth of the injection. Ideally, he should not be a superficial or very deep. Then place the blood drop in the designed place on the strip.
After a few seconds you can see the measurement result and your blood sugar level. Keep in mind that if your glucometer is from abroad, then the unit of measurement will not be mmol / l, and mg / dl. In this case, you will have to recalculate them, since 100 mg / for about 5.55 mmol / l. Accurate formula: mmol / l = mg / dl / 18.
Normal values ​​in healthy people vary from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol / l depending on the floor, age, pregnancy, chronic diseases and other factors. This method is very convenient and is often used by diabetics to control the level of glucose at home.
The first thing you need to remember is that you should always consult a doctor. You cannot independently increase or reduce insulin, given the measured values. Only your doctor can change your diet and diabetes treatment.
If you suffer type I diabetes, it is better to measure the level from 4 to 8 times a day, and if you have type II – from 2 to 4 times. Under certain conditions, the level can be controlled more often or less often, by decision of the doctor. If you have diabetes, it is recommended to measure after awakening and before breakfast, before dinner, after dinner, before bedtime or as needed. Best forex trading beginner guide ever.018bff4bcd62cbd1bd7bce6d7f8aee52