What is acidic rain # 4

Impact on buildings and various materials

Acid precipitation is particularly precipitation of sulfur – accelerate the weathelation of sandstone or limestone buildings. In addition, pollutants are harmful to plastics, stained glass and even metals, causing them corrosion.

Many buildings and monuments are made of limestone, such as sandstone, limestone or marble. Lime neutralizes acid rains, but with time wears. Then the stone loses its natural resistance and the building or the monument begins to collapse. Noses fall from stone statues, the walls of the houses are cracking and threatened to collapse.

Acid rain destroys some of our greatest historical monuments. The ancient temples of the Athenian Acropolis have been preserved for thousands of years. Now these beautiful buildings begin to collapse.

The same happens with the medieval buildings of Krakow in Poland, with the Lincoln Cathedral in England and with the Cathedral of Nidaroscoune in Trondheim in Norway.

Modern buildings from other materials are also destroyed by acid rain, although slower. Concrete begins to crumble, and steel reinforcement rust. Repair of buildings damaged as a result of environmental pollution in Europe, costs huge amounts.

Effect of environmental acidification on human health

Smes formed at high concentrations of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and carbon dust in wet air, contribute to the development of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and can even lead to death. Acid rain also acidifies drinking water, as a result of which various heavy metals grow in it, which lead to many diseases, i.e.:

Cadm – damages the excretory system.

GLIN – damages bones and brain.

Lead – damages the nervous system.

In areas where the natural medium is strongly contaminated, we inhale a mixture of gases, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that harm our easy. This applies to people living near the coal power plant, as well as residents of cities with intensive movement. The aforementioned gases in contact with dust particles can cause respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma in humans. These people also suffer from cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. In Norway, there is a steady increase in the incidence of asthma in children, which is probably due to the increase in the number of cars on the roads …. Free accountant resume for download on https://resumethatworks.com/category-templates/accountant-2/ . Best accountant resume templates for download now.32e7f935d34a3db76004e936f4bd0714